Classic Wall Barre (1 - 2m)

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The Rosalie For Dancers Classic Wall Barre is designed for individuals with small training spaces, has great stability and has a wall space of 25cm, to be able to perform exercises with the foot on the bar.

The thickness of the horizontal bar is 45mm in diameter, with the length to choose from, it is a bar that serves both for private use and for dance schools and academies. It consists of two brackets (in white, grey or black) with a perfect alignment to screw to the wall and a top quality beech wood bar to place it horizontally on the supports and fix them with the included screws, it is recommended to use a screwdriving machine for the perfect fixing of the support to the wooden bar. The standard height to put the stand is 100cm high at its top (at the height that the dance pole would be)

The length can be chosen from 1.0m to 3.0m being the standard size for private use between 1.50m to 2m, we recommend the maximum length of 3m for dance schools and academies for a capacity of up to 4 people.

DO NOT clean iron substrates with hydroalcoholic gels, or products containing solvent or acetone to avoid corrosion of the paint and the consequent oxidation of the iron.

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